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Budua Temple

Tai Sui Lamp/Peach Blossom Lamp/Noble Man Lamp/Treasure King Lamp/Everything Achievement Lamp

/Tara Lady Lamp /Deity Lamp / New Year Dharma King Lamp

Some rituals at the Budua Monastery of the Gadang Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. These rituals are designed to assist all living beings, so that they can hope to bring peace and happiness to their lives through prayer or the blessing of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Among them, we have some special rituals, such as practicing Dharma, offering smoke, lighting lanterns, offering fasts, etc., which can help resolve the bad luck brought by Tai Sui and make your life smoother. In addition, we also have rituals for passing the year. Through blessings, we hope to resolve the negative factors that may occur in the current year and bring you more good luck in the future. In these Dharma meetings, we also have rituals for resolving Tai Sui offenders and resolving enemies and creditors, so as to calm disputes and discord and bring you harmony and perfect interpersonal relationships. Not only that, we also have rituals to increase your luck in love. We hope to receive the blessings of Buddha and Bodhisattva in your love life and attract the arrival of luck in your love life. Rituals that focus on improving luck for nobles and wealth can attract good interpersonal relationships and bring wealth and prosperity. These pujas and activities are not only the embodiment of Tibetan Tantric beliefs, but also a way for us to jointly seek happiness, peace and prosperity in life. If you have the opportunity to participate, I believe you will feel the warmth and blessings from Gadangpai Budua Temple. We look forward to your participation and let us move towards a better future together.

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