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Take the SPRING Bike FUN spring

Get to know the local culture of Budua Temple in Taiwan

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  1. Su G block, coming soon to the task:
    There are definitely “vegetarian delicacies” and places “worth exploring” that have been left behind.
    As long as you provide a "place" that is worth knowing within 40 kilometers of the "Buduwa Temple in Taiwan"
    , "a self-portrait photo of the place", and "a description of the characteristics of the place within 100 words", you can redeem a vegetarian G-block.

Accompany me to get to know the place, eat and drink tasks :
Nine scenic spots recommended by practitioners of the association. Take a light tour at each stop and write at least one sentence about the local characteristics. Send it to 🇹🇼Taiwan area - LINE official account "Buduwa Buddhist Association": /pU5MsUc
You can use the records in your mobile phone to redeem a snack with food and drink.

"Ride for food"

Anyone from north to south has been here

The delicacies waiting in Budwari are waiting to be delivered

Photos are passed around, scenery and memories are passed around

Share delicious food with endless aftertaste

Just like a flag full of wind and horses

Ups and downs, the sound of chanting is endless

Happiness and contentment are like the sun shining all over the place

The iron ride you ride on is a beautiful encounter

We hope to return home and welcome guests

[📸Take photos and travel in exchange for delicious food]

Mission description ( click here for a Google map of all locations ):

Recently, Buddhist practitioners from the Buduwa Buddhist Association tried to use their own transportation to explore nine locations near the Buduwa Temple in Taiwan:
Chenglin Agarwood Taste Forest Museum ➡️Zhifa Mazu Palace ➡️Hu Zhen Tang Main Shop ➡️ Huwei Jianguo Military Village ➡️ Taiyi Beekeeping Beekeeping Garden , Honey Tea Station ➡️ Yunlin Lunbei Budua Jingshe ➡️ Lunbei Kapok Road ➡️晁Yangluneng Leisure Farm ➡️Buduwa Temple in Taiwan where the temple was built

⭐This event is sponsored by BubudiVeg. Local merchants and attractions are welcome to provide opening hours, location information, and discounts. Contact us proactively: 🇼Taiwan Region - LINE official account "Bubudi Buddhist Association": https :// .

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