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Simulated appearance of Budua Temple

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Please help Budua Temple


Fund-raising website for Buddhist temple construction
Suixi sponsors the temple building fund


Simulation video:

Budua Temple mock-up appearance
The Buddha statue in the lobby on the first floor of Budua Temple is decorated with gold to raise funds
The Buddha statue in the hall on the second floor of Budua Temple is decorated with gold to raise funds
Appearance of the balcony on the fourth floor of Budua Temple
Corridor on the third floor of Budua Temple
The Buddha statue in the hall on the fifth floor of Budua Temple is decorated with gold to raise funds

Bank transfer sponsorship

●Our Taiwan dollar account:

Taiwan Land Bank (005) Huwei Branch (0566)

Account name: Corporate legal person Zhonghua Gadang Classic Buddhist Association Account number : 056001304068

●Foreign currency account of the Association: 1. Beneficiary's Bank Name: Union Bank Of Taiwan Nanking East Road Branch 2. Beneficiary's Bank Address: No.137, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 3. Beneficiary bank’s remittance code (SWIFT CODE): UBOTTWTP005 4. Correspondent Bank  Please refer to the attachment of the following website to fill in the name of the transfer bank or the transfer bank code (SWIFT CODE) according to the remittance currency. List of major international transfers in various currencies of the Commonwealth Bank: 5.Beneficiary's Name chinese kadham shung pa wa buddhist society 6.Beneficiary's Account Number: 005775028721 7. Beneficiary's Telephone Number: +886977309449

surreal, glass, flower
Be our great benefactor

Large instant and donation capabilities

$5 million

Buddha statue gilding and decoration (decoration)

(Anjin can be completed in July 2024)

$20 million

The first phase of Budua temple construction is still needed

(Estimated to open in November 2024)


An Seng every year

Budoi Buddhist College

Important instructions (request for donation receipt, return registration, registration record inquiry:

1. Confirm the remitter, recipient, and issue a donation receipt:

After donating, please leave a message on (the association's) LINE official account or (the association's) What's App business account , providing (1) payment date (2) payer's name (or last five digits) (3) payment amount,

And confirm (4) the name of the donated project (5) the receipt header (6) the receipt shipping address.
2. Sending receipts: (1) For Taiwan: The association will issue annual donation receipts before filing taxes for that year and send them out once, so if your address changes during this period, please be sure to notify us again!

(The issuance process will be carried out at the end of March every year and will be sent out one after another) (2) For overseas areas: If you need to request a voucher, the Association can issue a "Certificate of Appreciation" (which can clearly indicate the name of the donation), and it can be issued immediately. Send image files

To the email, LINE or WA provided by the donor.
3. Donor loses contact: If there is no message from the donor to confirm the above information within 3 months after the remittance, the donation item will automatically be listed as "general to the six major items".
4. Registration record inquiry:

*The complete information of the registration record includes: whether the association has confirmed receipt of the payment, the date the merit was dedicated, receipt number, etc.

  1. Check complete information at any time: Become a member of our Ragic database and you can check complete information at any time through the APP.

*You only need to provide your phone number (available in all countries) and email to bind. The association will not ask for other important personal information. If there are any suspicious requests, please refuse to provide it and contact the association cautiously for verification .

  1. If you have contacted us through "LINE@" or "WA Business Account" to register , you can leave us the relevant information you want to inquire through the same channel, and we will manually help you with the relevant inquiries.

  2. If you just want to check the registration of "Master of Monk Offering Merit" or "Master of Fasting Merit" in real time, you can enter this link to view the real-time simple registration results.

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