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Here we provide our Taiwan dollar and foreign currency accounts for large donations.

 ◉Please contact us after remittance, please contact us via LINE@: Budua Buddhist Society , or Whatsapp: +886930370839 , you can choose either one. Thank you.

 ◉About < Requesting Donation Receipts. Return Registration. Registration Record Inquiry > Please click here for details.

 ◉After receiving the donation, the association will automatically be included in the latest large-scale Dharma ceremony to dedicate.

 ●Our Taiwan dollar account:

 Banks and branches: Land Bank of Taiwan (005) Huwei Branch (0566)

Account name: Corporate legal person Zhonghua Gadang Classic Buddhist Association

Account number: 056001304068

 ●Foreign currency account of the Association:

 1.Beneficiary's Bank Name in English:

 Union Bank Of Taiwan Nanking East Road Branch

 2.Beneficiary's Bank Address in English:

 No.137, Sec. 2, Nanjing E. Rd., Jhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan (ROC)

 3. Beneficiary bank’s SWIFT CODE:


 4.Correspondent Bank

 Please refer to the attachment of the following website to fill in the name of the transfer bank or the transfer bank's SWIFT CODE according to the remittance currency.

 List of major international transfers in various currencies of the Commonwealth Bank:

 5.Beneficiary's Name

 chinese kadham shung pa wa buddhist society

 6.Beneficiary's Account Number


 7. Beneficiary's Telephone Number


Large Donations (Registration)

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