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Donation Acknowledgment: After receiving your donation, it will automatically be included in the upcoming large-scale Dharma ceremony.

Donation Classification: This donation is recorded as an "unclassified donation," meaning it can be allocated towards any of the six major projects undertaken by the Association.

Project Categories Instructions:

  • Long-term Construction Projects: These include building temples, installing monks, promoting Dharma, benefiting living beings, making offerings to Buddhas, and fasting for monks. There are no restrictions on the amount or date.
  • Specific Date Construction: This covers all types of group practices or large-scale Dharma gatherings on special days, featuring merit items suitable for the event, such as comprehensive funds for the Dharma assembly, support, lamps, monks, and fasting.
  • Project Construction: Projects that start periodically. For updates, please frequently check the information at the top of this page or join our groups or platforms for real-time Dharma news.

[Reminder:] All merit items are suitable for those who are living or have passed away (the deceased). Please ensure to make a clear note in the dedication list.

General Donation

Price Options
One-time purchase
NT$300every week until canceled
NT$300every month until canceled
NT$300every 3 months until canceled
NT$300every year until canceled
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