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◉After receiving the donation, the association will automatically be included in the latest large-scale Dharma ceremony to the transfer merit.

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The Supreme Dharma King has designated the arrangement of Buddha statues in Budua Temple in Taiwan as follows: On the first floor, there are three statues with the Venerable Atisha at the center, Sakyamuni Buddha to the right of Venerable Atisha, and the Supreme Green Tara to the left. On the second floor, the central statue is the Medicine Master Buddha, flanked by a four-handed and four-eyed Medicine Buddha on the right, and a serene, non-angry warrior king Medicine Buddha on the left.

The total cost for the necessary discounts and freight for the temple's inauguration is approximately $5 million. Additionally, the budget for the first phase of the temple project and the costs associated with preparing personnel and affairs for the Buddhist college are detailed on our official website. We sincerely invite everyone to join us in spreading the Dharma, cultivating a field of blessings, and sharing in a feast of Dharma.

May the merits of these efforts be dedicated to the Master, wishing him a long life in this world and the enduring presence of his teachings, especially those of Gadang. May he swiftly achieve great enlightenment.

Potowa Temple Buddha Statue Gilding and Opening Fund

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