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◉After receiving the donation, the association will automatically include it in the most recent Dharma ceremony of this type .

 On the first day of each lunar month, we warmly invite you to join the Wealth Dharma Fearless Casting Session. This ritual not only seeks spiritual abundance but also serves as a powerful ceremony to enshrine wealth, uphold the Dharma, and invoke fearless strength while alleviating the burdens of injustice. By wholeheartedly engaging in cultivating blessings, wisdom, and reverence, and praying for the relief of wronged beings, you embark on a journey of exceptional merit, magnified a thousandfold.

In this sacred ceremony, each offering of money, Dharma, and fearless charity plants the seeds of prosperity in the fertile ground of the soul. Dedicated prayers to dispel grievances create a holy feast that purifies the soul and ushers in unforeseen divine blessings.

The first day of each lunar month marks a crucial opportunity to connect with abundance, the Dharma, fearless power, and justice for wronged beings. We believe that every donation and prayer ignites a thousand times the ordinary merit, casting a divine light over your life. Please join us in this celestial ceremony, invite divine power into your life, and experience its transformative impact.

Lantern Offering- On the first day of the lunar calendar, all things are immediately successful and complete

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