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◉After receiving the donation, the association will automatically include it in the most recent Dharma ceremony of this type.

 The primary purpose of this type of ceremony, known as 'Burnt Smoke Offering,' involves using incense—a richly fragrant food offering—intended for both upper and lower realms. This ceremony is primarily dedicated to the sentient beings in the bardo, during the critical period up to 49 days post-death. It aims to alleviate their hunger and provide fullness, guiding them towards favorable destinies, either rebirth in the Pure Land or another auspicious realm. It is advisable to participate in each of the seven weekly rituals, known as 'doing sevens,' for a total of seven times. This is because the bardo being's identity transforms every seven days based on their karma at that time, until they encounter the conditions for reincarnation or are led to the Pure Land within 49 days. For an in-depth understanding of these principles, please refer to 'The Lamrim of the Bodhi Path: The Path of the Middle Master,' specifically the chapter titled 'The Principle of Death and Rebirth.'

Main focus groups:

  • Individuals who passed away within the last 49 days and are in the bardo state.
  • Practitioners who have not yet adopted a vegetarian diet, assisting them in resolving their karmic grievances with a mindset that their offerings become nourishing sustenance for themselves.

Dharma Offering - offering burnt smoke

Price Options
One-time purchase
NT$100every week for 7 weeks
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