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"The 'Burning Offering', or homa in Sanskrit, typically translates as 'Homa' or 'fire offering'. This ritual serves as a spiritual practice that combines the intentions of making offerings to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with the aim of alleviating human suffering. It is a powerful method for accumulating merits and eliminating negative karma quickly, offering benefits such as improved health, harmonious family relationships, financial prosperity, and profound wisdom.

What makes this occasion particularly remarkable is the burning of three types of mandalas: breath, prosperity, and power. As Gadang Trichen Rinpoche explains in 'Gadang Collected Works Volume 109', the ritual of offering through fire helps all beings across the three realms of reincarnation to swiftly overcome obstacles like diseases and calamities. This act enhances blessings, prolongs life, and increases wealth, ultimately leading to inherent joy and wisdom. Furthermore, by harnessing the power of these rituals, one can achieve their desires and, ultimately, attain the esteemed position of the Universal Presiding Vajra."

Burning Fire Offering Ceremony🔥

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