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◉After receiving the donation, the association will automatically be included in the latest large-scale Dharma ceremony to dedicate.

This year marks a special milestone as our association introduces the wind-horse flag to pray for blessings. Join us in supporting the Taiwan Budua Temple Building Fund.

Wind Horse Flag: Experience blessings with every breeze and prosperity as the flag flutters! In Tibetan Buddhism, the wind-horse flag is revered as a symbol of universal harmony and balance, possessing the sacred power to ward off evil spirits and invite blessings. Embrace this opportunity to bring auspiciousness into your life with our wind-horse flag.

🌈 Rich Symbols: Adorned with vibrant colors representing the five elements—sky, wind, fire, water, and earth—the wind-horse flag harmonizes the forces in your life. 🌟 Ward Off Evil and Invite Blessings: Let the wind-horse flag flutter in your space, clearing away malevolent energies and bringing protection and blessings. 💰 Attract Wealth: It’s said that wealth follows the fluttering of the flag. By integrating the wind-horse flag into your life, you may attract prosperity and abundance.

Choose the wind-horse flag and let auspiciousness be a constant companion. Purchase your Fengma flag today and ensure peace and prosperity are with you always!

2024 marks the beginning of victory

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